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Fried food production line

Fried food production line

       Starch and other raw materials through mixing, extrusion, plastic cutting, frying, seasoning, packaging, simple operation, high degree of automation, assembly line production.Fried food production line products are crispy and delicious, oily but not greasy, crisp taste, loved by people, suitable for the market trend.

       [Fried food production line raw materials] flour, rice, millet, corn, starch and so on

      【 Products 】 crispy rice, twist, potato chips, crispy corners, pizza rolls, shells, twist, etc

       [Production Process] Raw material mixing → extrusion and puffing → shaping and cutting → frying → spraying seasoning → cooling → packaging

       [Fried food production line configuration] powder mixing machine → screw feeding machine → double screw extruder → shaping and cutting machine → elevator → fryer → oil thrower → roller seasoning line → cooling machine → packaging machine

       [Technical parameters] Fried food production line configuration according to the actual situation of customers and specific products

Total power actual energy consumption production line size


Total power

Actual energy consumption


Production line size


88 kw

         65 kw

100-150 kg/h



126 kw

         82 kw

200-260 kg/h


Frying bugles machine.jpg

      Fried food production line are quick to learn and produce foods that are popular with the market, and are enjoyed by adults and children alike. Fried food production line in the snack food market has been a large proportion, the degree of mechanization of production is also increasingly high, order a Fried food production line instead of manual production of snack food is wise.

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