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The composition of pet feed production line

The composition of pet feed production line

       With the continuous increase of the types of pets, all kinds of pets grow up, the requirements for pet food are also constantly improving. Pet feed machine can adjust the raw material temperature, moisture and other process design parameters, so that the product quality has the characteristics of novel shape, rich taste nutrients, delicate structure, suitable for different pet tastes.

       The production process of pet food production line can be divided into five steps: crushing, mixing, puffing and molding, drying, seasoning and packaging.

      The composition of the pet feed production line

      1. Crushing system: raw materials are classified and selected. Impurities of each raw material are selected in a separate finishing system and sorting system, and crushed to the required fineness of expansion forming.

      2. Mixing system: all kinds of raw materials are analyzed, selected and crushed respectively, and then entered into one of our mixers to gather and mix, stir evenly, and adjust the moisture content required by bulking and humidity evenly.

      3. Extrusion molding: After the powder material is heated in the boiler and matured in advance through the conditioner, the twin-screw extruder is used for expansion, with the output of more than 1 ton per hour. The discharging granules are well formed, with smooth and delicate appearance and uniform expansion.

      4. Drying system: the expanded feed particles need to be dried quickly. Our company adopts a multi-layer network type special continuous drying box for expanded particles to increase the drying effect by using hot air circulation. Drying box according to the heat source can be divided into: electric heating, gas heating, steam boiler heating, etc. Can be configured according to the actual needs of customers.

      5. Cooling and cooling system: after drying, the temperature of feed particles will rise and produce a certain amount of water vapor. At this time, the particles need to be cooled by the cooling system to remove water vapor and increase the warranty period.

      6. Flavoring system: automatic seasoning system, oil injection and spraying integration. After the feed pellets are dried in the oven, the oil is sprayed on the pellet surface.

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7. Packing system: automatic weighing, semi-automatic packing, manual packing, weight from 5 kg to 50 kg per bag. Center active transmission connection.

      Pet feed production line is basically composed of the above equipment, high degree of automation, greatly improve the production efficiency, pet feed production line can be used to produce dog food, cat food, bird food, fish food, etc., the purchase of a pet feed production line can greatly improve the production efficiency of feed manufacturers.

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